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How to spy on Instagram: check the activity of your exes

People have small human weaknesses. Surprisingly, in the relationship between two people, there is always a place for distrust, sudden checks, spying on Instagram, as well as typical household surveillance.

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Can you spy on someone's Instagram DM?

Instagram carefully monitor Instagram messages and don't allow personal data to fall into the hands of intruders.

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Long Story short: how long are Instagram stories? + a tip to download Instagram

Instagram is not just a social network for photos. You can publish videos in the feed, in Stories, and in Reels. But what is the limit on the maximum duration in each of the sections? Let's figure it out in this article and even find out how can you get over limits.


How to view Instagram if a user blocked me

If a user doesn't like Instagram for something, he can block you at any time. The simplest example: you're a guy and you liked the girl. And you comment on her photos constantly. She doesn't need it at all and she blocks your Instagram profile now. The question is: How can I view the user's Instagram profile if he/she blocked you?

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How to Keep Up With Your Friends' Instagram Stories Without Being Seen

Have you ever wanted to check up on a friend's Instagram story without them knowing? Maybe you're curious about what they're up to but don't want to seem intrusive. Or perhaps you're just tired of having your own views counted and want to keep your Instagram activity private. In this post, we'll explore the best methods for doing so, from using third-party apps to adjusting your Instagram settings.