How to spy on Instagram: check the activity of your exes

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People have small human weaknesses. Surprisingly, in the relationship between two people, there is always a place for distrust, sudden checks, spying on Instagram, as well as typical household surveillance.

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The emergence of smartphones and Instagram gives such a wide scope for household surveillance that you do not get tired of being amazed. The usual functions of apps that were created for the convenience of users are being perverted and turned into effective tools for spying on another person.


Jealousy of a man or a woman does not differ in intensity, and you can see compromising evidence in a completely innocent conversation, likes, or an Instagram Story — the question is only in the interpretation. Whoever is looking for will always find it, and the painful state of jealousy pushes people to various tricks that destroy their lives and can even lead to a very real criminal term. Spying on another person, even if it is your husband or wife, is prohibited by law and the punishment is quite tangible. In the heat of the struggle, few people remember this, but the most important thing is that for some people it has become the norm.

how to spy on Instagram

In this article, we will talk about spying on Instagram, when people, for various reasons, try to learn a little more about another person, we will focus on how to do it in 3 simple methods.

Spy Instagram as a pro: №1 View Instagram without logging in

Viewing Instagram without an Instagram account is a great function if you don't want to leave a footprint of your stalking. Or if you don't have an Instagram account and don't want to uncover yourself by using an Instagram bot, but you're still wondering what's going on there, what you want.

Accessing Instagram photos and videos without an account seems quite difficult for you because Instagram does not offer its features. But, as you know, you can always bypass the restrictions of social networks.

So, we'll explain how to use his sites to display Instagram without an account, here's how to do it:

  1. Open any browser. You don't need a specific browser to use this Secret Posts Viewer. You can use whatever you want — from a PC, any smartphone, or tablet.
  2. This web tool does not require your personal information in any way. Third-party applications can be malicious for users, so it is better to use our trusted Secret Posts Viewer.
  3. Find the account you require in the web tool for Instagram stalking. You're able to search by username through the search bar and find the account you'd like to view.

Now you can see personal Instagram accounts. Then you can browse any account as much as you want without logging in.

spy a boyfriend on Instagram

Spy Instagram as a pro: №2 Check when the person was online

When he or she was online — is a timestamp that gives you a lot of information.

It is difficult to name a person who does not communicate on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, both applications can show when a person was online. Usually, it looks like a timestamp or that your contact is online.

In the Privacy settings section, you can mark who can see the timestamp when you were online. It makes sense to leave this information only for those who are in your circle of communication, whose number is recorded in your contacts.

check if your boyfriend is cheating

Facebook has the same story, but here people often close their visiting time, then you just see that they have been recent. And recently can be understood as a variety of periods, from hours to days.

You can laugh at how important this information is or not, but most modern dramas revolve around this information.

"He was online, but he didn't read my message! He probably isn't interested, everything is gone and further down the list. "

People spy on you when you were online, this information gives them something, and they build their assumptions on it. Indirect information that says nothing. But judging by how many people in the business environment put hidden statuses, and remove reading marks (girls do not lag behind them), then these messenger features are in demand and are very popular.

Note: Don't use Instagram fake account

It will not be difficult to calculate the inner circle of communication from the same fake Instagram profile, many people use it and look after the life of another person. Exes even have separate accounts for this, Instagram even now offers to block not only one account, but all accounts that a particular person can have.

Spy Instagram as a pro: №3 View Instagram Stories anonymously

Viewing stories also gives a lot of indirect information, and often after a breakup, exes do it consciously, including the stories of friends with whom you communicate.

"My friends got divorced, and after that, my friend's ex-wife settled on my Instagram, she watches all the stories one of the first. Communication with our mutual friends showed that her activity has reached a fundamentally new level, she is looking for traces of her ex-husband and plunges into his life remotely.”

Instagram spying

Use a tool for watching Instagram Stories anonymously and save any profile's Stories in one click and all the Stories of one account in one web storage. So you will get ALL Stories from the account even if the owner will immediately delete them after uploading.

The final word about spying on Instagram

From this article you've learned about some ways how you can spy on anyone on Instagram.

Accordingly, you now know how to avoid close attention to your person. But the easiest way is not to hide anything at all, to live in plain sight and show your life to everyone. For many public people, this is not the best option, but a good way for everyone else.

The techniques outlined in the material are not a guide to action at all, any option of peeping through a keyhole or surveillance humiliates the one who does it and this is a very unhealthy situation.