How to view Instagram if a user blocked me


How do I know if I've been blocked on Instagram?

  • When a user blocks you on Instagram, you don't get the message "Username has restricted access to his page" when you try to open his page. You won't know about it.
  • The only thing that might lead you to think that you are in the block of the user's Instagram is that you will not be able to find his page anymore. Neither in the list of those accounts that you follow nor in the Instagram search.

In this case, you will not only be unable to write a message to this person but also lose the opportunity to view his page.

How do I check if I'm blocked on Instagram?

Step 1. Check if the profile is active

To check if the profile of the person who supposedly blocked you still exists, try to find it through a browser (for example, from a computer) by logging out of your account. If the search was successful, and the account you are looking for is displayed in the Instagram output, it means that you have been blocked.

Step 2. Are the posts visible for everyone ?

The second step that will help you find out if you are blacklisted by an Instagram user is checking his feed. If the images that were available to you until recently suddenly disappeared from his page, most likely, the person did not delete all the publications but simply stopped showing them to you — in other words, blocked you. The stories will also disappear.

How to view Instagram

Step 3. Looking for messages in Direct

When you block someone on Instagram, the app does not hide the subscription with this person from your Direct messages . But all new messages that you try to send will not reach the recipient and will not be marked as viewed. At the same time, the user with whom you are in an emergency will also not be able to use the chat with you.

How to view an Instagram account if you are blocked

If a person's account is not completely closed, then all you need is to log out in the web version of Instagram. Then you can continue to view the contents of his/her page. If a person has hidden his page from those who are not his followers, then even registering a new account will not give you anything - you will still need to subscribe to it and wait for your request to be accepted.

Therefore, you should not look for a fake new phone number to register a new account – often it's enough to just log into the Inflact Instagram web service as if you don't have your page on this social network at all.

Watch Instagram without registration

Instagram does not allow you to open posts and user stories without authorization, but it can be outwitted. There are special services that allow you to watch stories without having an account on a social network. Your browsing will be anonymous — the owner of the profile will not know who committed it in any way.

There are many similar services — old ones disappear, new ones appear. One of them is the free online service Secret posts viewer, which works on all devices.

In it, you can specify the user's nickname with or without the "@" sign, and also insert a link to the profile. The service will show all posts of any profile, even if you are blocked in it.

This is what the Instagram profile looks like in the Secret Posts Viewer service.

Watch Instagram without registration

Why is posts viewer ideal for viewing Instagram posts anonymously?

- No need to install apps on Android and iOS.

By the way: If you want to watch a story in an account that you have blocked access to because of a ban, then you can watch and download any person's stories to your device in the Inflact Stories viewer. It is enough to specify his nickname and select the desired profile in the search results.

You can try creating a fake profile or asking someone who is a mutual friend of yours, or you can try typing in the browser, but make sure you are not logged into Instagram with the same access that this person blocked.

Note that the first and third methods work only with public access; in the case of private access, the second one works.